Wilson Lock and Dam

Wilson Dam boasts one of the highest single-lift locks in the world. Construction on the dam began during World War I. It first began as a munitions plant to support the War effort. About 100,000 workers were sent in by the U.S. government to build these facilities and planned, residential housing was built to accommodate the people moving in. When the war ended, the facilities were about to be completed but not a single munition had been manufactured at the facilities.

Automobile tycoon Henry Ford and Thomas Jefferson came to the area, proposing to the U.S. Congress to build a city 75 miles long as an industrial site. They offered $5 million for the site which Congress refused. By 1933, Congress had created the Tennessee Valley Authority thus providing much needed electricity for the entire Tennessee Valley. Today, many boats and barges lock through the dam that is one of seven along the TVA system of lakes.

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