The Cherokee Kayak Trail is located on Bear Creek, stretching about eight miles from Bishop Bridge, south of Allsboro, to the Buddy Durham Road Bridge, just off Allsboro Road.

The town has a fleet of single and tandem kayaks for rent. The town’s employees will provide drop-off and pick-up services for kayakers renting from the town or using their own boats. The cost for rental is $30 for a single-seat kayak and $40 for a two-seater. The cost of kayakers using their own boat is $10 for transportation.

The trail is a great float for both novice and experienced kayakers. It typically takes about four to six hours to paddle the length of the trail.

For more information on the kayak trail or to reserve a kayak, call Cherokee Town Hall at 256.359.4959.

Town of Cherokee
3780 Old Lee Highway
Cherokee, AL 35616