Old Railroad Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is 1,580 feet long and 14 feet high and stretches from the south bank of Pickwick Lake in Sheffield, extending about half way to the north bank. The pier of this bridge dates back to 1832 and the original bridge was burned in April 1962 by President Abraham Lincoln’s brother-in-law who was a Confederate General. The original structure opened in 1839 as a toll bridge with trains crossing over the upper deck while wagons, pedestrians, and livestock crossed over the bottom. Today, this structure is used for some special events or just for walking and admiring the lake below. Open daily.

2100 Ashe Blvd. Sheffield, AL 35660 (256) 383-0783

Heading north on 43/72, turn left at the intersection of Reservation Rd. (TVA) and Birmingham St.  Turn right onto Ashe Blvd. and continue north to the parking area. (256) 383-0783

251 Loop Rd, Tuscumbia, AL 35674